How to Organize Your Own Block Party

Just moved into a new neighborhood? Have new neighbors? A great way to meet your neighbors or welcome them is to throw a Block

Check out the Neighborhood Resource Center of Colorado’s advice:

Getting Started

1. Start talking to your neighbors about having a block party.
2. Canvass the block and find 1-2 other people to help you – kids are great
3. Have a planning meeting with others who are interested.
4. Choose a date, time, and place (1-2 months notice is good)
5. Create a flyer.
6. Determine if your city or county requires permits, insurance,
barricades, norification of police, etc. Click here to see your city or
county’s requirements or process.
7. Identify volunteers to pick up permits, barricades, food, etc.
8. Invite neighborhood police officers and/or firefighters.
9. Invite your city council representative, county commissioners, and/or elected officials.
10. Contact local paper for coverage if desired.

More tips and info here:


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