National Community Sale Day


With recent events in Aurora, we are all looking for ways to help those affected by the tragedy of the Century 16 Theater Shooting. One way we all can help is by raising money for organizations like and other funds for the victims. We are asking communities across Colorado and nationally to host their own series of community sales on NATIONAL COMMUNITY SALES DAY to raise money for these organizations. These may include bake sales, yard sales, lemonade stands, donation drop off sites, raffles, auctions, local restaurant percentage of sales donations, etc. This will give your community a chance to meet your own neighbors, friends and family to do something for the victims and maybe even turn a negative event into a way to stand together and help those in need, especially those who are having mounting financial stresses due to this event.

To learn more about National Community Sale Day, please visit the Facebook page or visit to learn how you can participate and help!

Want to become part of a community? Visit or call Tom at 303.663.9335 for all your residential real estate needs in Highlands Ranch, Castle Rock, Centennial, Denver, Lone Tree and Sedalia!


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